Online Science simulations for education

Simulaciones de Ciencias online gratis para educación

How can online science simulations help you to learn this subject?

Science simulations are an innovative and useful tool for the study and understanding of natural sciences such as geology or astronomy.

Online  simulations are educational tools that recreate scientific processes and phenomena in an interactive virtual environment, allowing students to experiment with situations that would be difficult or dangerous to replicate in a real laboratory. They can help you visualize abstract concepts and experiment with different variables in a safe and controlled environment.

Advantages of using simulations to learn or teach science

Among the advantages of science simulations in education are:

Accessibility. Simulations can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, as long as one has access to the Internet. This allows students to learn and practice at their own time and pace.

Security. By using simulations, students can experiment with dangerous or expensive situations without the risk of personal injury or property damage.

Flexibility. Simulations can be designed to adapt to different levels of skill and knowledge, and can be used to teach a variety of scientific concepts.

Interactivity. Simulations allow students to interact with scientific processes and phenomena in a dynamic and visual way, which can increase their motivation and engagement in learning.

Instant feedback. Simulations can provide instant feedback to students on their performance, allowing them to improve and adjust their understanding and skills.

In short, science simulations offer a safe, accessible, flexible and interactive way to learn and practice science concepts, providing a valuable and enriching educational experience for students.

Our simulations work online, it is not necessary to download any application or software tool, you just need to have on your computer, mobile or tablet any of the usual browsers (Chrome, Bing, Opera, etc.).

Content units

The Sun

The Solar System

The Earth

The Moon




Planetary motion


Celestial sphere



Atmospheric pressure




Greenhouse effect

Magnetic field




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