What we do

We present our collection of hundreds of interactive online resources for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. We have searched for and compiled those that we think are the best and that meet two conditions: that they are free and that they can be run online in the browser itself without the need to download any additional software. We believe that these online resources can be of great help for learning these subjects and therefore we wanted to make them available to anyone who may be interested, whether students, teachers or simple amateurs.

The online resources are grouped by areas of knowledge:


The contents of each of them are divided into different thematic units. Although it will not be the most common, it may be that the same resource can be found in more than one thematic unit.

Most of the resources are interactive simulations, but there are also other types of resources such as videos, animations, 3d molecules or 3d images. Each of them is easily identifiable by its representative icon:




3D Molecules

3D Images

At STEM OnLine we believe that these resources should be complementary and never a substitute for traditional forms of learning, such as teacher’s classes and books. For this reason we have also selected books and online courses that we find particularly interesting. In each thematic unit we make suggestions of the books and online courses that seem to us to be the most suitable.
The origin and format of the resources is very diverse. We have taken great care to arrange and present them as uniformly as possible. We hope that the result will be useful for anyone interested in these topics.