Forces and moments equilibrium

Turning a door

In this simulation, the moment required to rotate the door is fixed. Observe how the force to be applied varies when moving the handlebar or changing the angle of application of the force. How to minimize the force required?

Rocker arm

In this simulation, different masses can be placed in various positions on the rocker arm. See how by changing the masses and the distances to the center of each side, different balanced configurations can be achieved.

Tension and position

Change the position of the mass and observe how the tension forces on the two ropes change. In which position do the tensions equalize?

Suspension bridge

Balancing Act

Play with objects on a seesaw to learn about balance. Test what you've learned with the balance challenge game.


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A lever is a tool that allows us to transmit force using a bar and a fulcrum. See what force is required to balance the mass depending on the distance to the fulcrum.
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General Physics

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Mechanics, Part 1


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