Concave lenses

Image formation in a concave lens

This simulation studies how a distant image is formed in a concave lens. See how the image size changes as the focal length changes.

Ray diagram of a concave lens

This simulation shows what the ray diagram of a concave lens looks like. See what happens as the object position, lens position and focal length change.

Image adjustment in a concave lens

In this simulation a concave lens and a screen are used. Notice that it is impossible to project the image on the screen, can you explain?
General Physics

Pre-University Physics

Optics and electromagnetic radiation

AP® Physics 2 – Part 3: Optics and Modern Physics


Capstone Exam – Materials for Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Devices


Synchrotrons and X-Ray Free Electron Lasers (part 1)


Fiber Optic Communications


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