Concave lenses

Do you want to learn more about concave lenses and the parameters that characterize them?

The online concave lens simulations on this page will help you better understand how images are generated in a concave lens and which parameters characterize them.

A concave lens is a type of lens characterized by their inward curved surface, which gives them specific optical properties. These lenses are commonly used in the manufacture of eyeglasses, telescopes and other optical devices.

Concave lenses have the ability to scatter light passing through the lens. Light entering the lens is deflected outward, rather than converging on a focal point, as is the case with convex lenses. This optical property is due to the inward curved surface of the lens causing the light to refract outward.

In the use of concave lenses in spectacles, they are used to correct myopia. Nearsightedness is a condition in which a person can see near objects clearly, but has difficulty seeing distant objects. Concave lenses help correct this condition by scattering the light entering the eye, allowing the image to focus on the retina.

In telescope manufacturing, concave lenses are used in the objectives of reflecting telescopes. In these telescopes, a concave lens is placed at the front of the telescope tube and reflects the incoming light onto a concave mirror at the rear of the tube. The concave mirror reflects the light into an eyepiece, where the image is focused for viewing.

Concave lenses are also used in the manufacture of microscopes and other optical instruments.

These online concave lens simulations are a great tool to understand the particularities of this type of lenses.

Image formation in a concave lens

This simulation studies how a distant image is formed in a concave lens. See how the image size changes as the focal length changes.

Ray diagram of a concave lens

This simulation shows what the ray diagram of a concave lens looks like. See what happens as the object position, lens position and focal length change.

Image adjustment in a concave lens

In this simulation a concave lens and a screen are used. Notice that it is impossible to project the image on the screen, can you explain?

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