Measurement equipment

Do you know the main measurement equipment used in the field of physics?

The online measurement equipment simulations on this page will allow you to learn about and use some of the main types of equipment used to measure physical quantities.

In the field of physics, there are several types of measurement equipment used to obtain precise and quantitative data on different physical quantities. This measurement equipment is essential for performing experiments, collecting information and validating scientific theories. The following are some of the most common measurement equipment in physics.

Ruler and caliper. These instruments are used to measure lengths and distances. Graduated rulers are used for direct measurements, while calipers allow internal and external dimensions to be measured more accurately.

Balance and scale. They are used to measure masses. Analytical and precision balances are particularly accurate and are used in laboratories, while scales are used to measure larger masses.

Stopwatch. A device used to measure time intervals with great precision. It is used in experiments that require very accurate time measurements.

Thermometer. Used to measure the temperature of a substance or environment. Thermometers can be based on different principles, such as liquid expansion, change of electrical resistance or thermal radiation.

Voltmeter and ammeter. These instruments are used to measure electrical voltages and currents, respectively. They provide information on the intensity and flow of electric current in a circuit.

Spectrometer. Used to measure and analyze electromagnetic radiation according to its wavelength or frequency. It is used in the study of light, the electromagnetic spectrum and spectroscopy.

Photometer. This equipment is used to measure the intensity of light or electromagnetic radiation in different wavelength ranges. It is used in optical experiments and luminosity analysis.

Microscope. Allows observation of small objects or structures at the microscopic level. Optical microscopes use lenses to magnify images, while electron microscopes use electron beams.

These are just a few examples of measurement equipment used in physics. Each has a specific role to play in obtaining accurate and reliable data. In addition, with technological advances, more sophisticated and specialized equipment has emerged to measure magnitudes with greater precision and to explore physical phenomena at different scales and levels of detail.

In summary, the online measurement equipment simulations on this page offer an easy and fun way to learn how to use some of the most important measurement equipment used in physics.


A chronograph is a watch used to record the elapsed time at a given interval. When it is certified by an authority, it is called a chronometer. This simulation reproduces the operation of a mechanical chronograph.

Bourdon pressure gauge

A Bourdon manometer is used to measure the pressure of a fluid. When the pressure increases, the tube uncoils and when it decreases it coils. Observe the operation by compressing or decompressing the fluid by the movement of the plunger..


An ammeter is used to measure electrical current. It consists of a rotor with a coil around it. When there is electric current, the coil and the rotor generate a magnetic field. The higher the intensity, the greater the magnetic field and the more force to rotate the needle, which is compensated by the spring. A very low resistance is connected in parallel with the coil, which causes most of the electric current to flow through it.
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A multimeter is a measuring device that combines several measuring functions such as current, voltage or resistance. Turn the wheel of the multimeter and test its operation.
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