Measurement equipment


A chronograph is a watch used to record the elapsed time at a given interval. When it is certified by an authority, it is called a chronometer. This simulation reproduces the operation of a mechanical chronograph.

Bourdon pressure gauge

A Bourdon manometer is used to measure the pressure of a fluid. When the pressure increases, the tube uncoils and when it decreases it coils. Observe the operation by compressing or decompressing the fluid by the movement of the plunger..


An ammeter is used to measure electrical current. It consists of a rotor with a coil around it. When there is electric current, the coil and the rotor generate a magnetic field. The higher the intensity, the greater the magnetic field and the more force to rotate the needle, which is compensated by the spring. A very low resistance is connected in parallel with the coil, which causes most of the electric current to flow through it.
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A multimeter is a measuring device that combines several measuring functions such as current, voltage or resistance. Turn the wheel of the multimeter and test its operation.
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